5 Things You Should Know about Commercial Flooring Installation

commercial flooring installation

Renovations are the best way to revamp a space and enhance its appearance. One of the best options for appearance and return on investment is installing new floors in a residential or commercial space. Hiring a professional service to install new flooring is the common solution, but it’s a fun project if you have DIY experience.

Tackling your commercial flooring installation as a project requires advice and guidance to get it right the first time. Knowing what to expect will help you save time, money, and frustration.

Luckily, you’ve arrived at this illuminating resource to learn the tips to install flooring. Continue reading about installing gym flooring for your space today!

1. Check the Subfloor

It’s vital to check the subfloor before installing your new flooring in your commercial space. View the subfloor as your new flooring’s foundation. It’s best to have it to provide support beneath the floor for a quality installation that will last for years.

The first thing to check with your subfloor is whether it’s level. You want the floor to be less than 3/8 inches over a 12-foot space. It is vital to enjoy the benefits of a quality flooring installation.

2. Acclimate the Wood

Many flooring installations have problems after the wood is installed. The worst mistake you can make for your commercial flooring installation is failing to allow the wood to acclimate to its new conditions.

Wood is a natural material that responds to its environment. Temperature changes and moisture in the air will affect how wood expands.

Ensure the wood has time to acclimate before you install it. Use Gym Floor Sundries to cover your needs and achieve the ideal installation.

3. Focus on the First Row

The first row has a substantial impact on each row after it. When installing gym flooring, ensure you get the first row correct the first time. It affects each row you install after that and can result in a substandard flooring installation.

4. Use the Right Flooring Options

It’s vital to research your options when comparing flooring materials for your new flooring. Look for an option that will provide durability and enhance the home or building’s design. Online reviews are an excellent resource to find the best options for your project.

5. Use the Proper Tools

Investing in the proper tools for your commercial flooring installation will save time and money. The result of your installation project will match what the client hopes for.

A pneumatic flooring nailer is an inexpensive tool that will save hours on the project. It’s worth paying extra to save time and provide the expected results.

Tackle Commercial Flooring Installation Today

Installing new flooring sounds daunting, but with the proper mindset, tools, and tips, you can nail the project. Use the subfloor as a foundation when installing your chosen flooring.

If you’re installing wood gym flooring, give the wood time to acclimate to the conditions. Get the first row correct to ensure a smooth installation process.

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