5 Thrift Shopping Tips to Help You Find the Best Deals

thrift shopping tips

In an economy marked by rising prices, it’s only natural to turn to the humble thrift store in the hunt for a bargain. However, even this supposed haven for frugal shoppers is not immune.

Prices at thrift stores are on the rise across the board, to the point where some offer their products at similar prices to the big box stores.

While this might sound discouraging, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy second-hand to save some serious cash. Instead, check out these essential thrift shopping tips to ensure that you get quality for less, every single time.

1. Targeted Thrifting

One of our sacred thrifting tips is to always pick your location based on what it is you need. Instead of going to a general thrift store, you should go to ones that specialize in your shopping list.

For example, you’re always going to save money on clothes if you go to a large thrift store dedicated solely to clothes, especially if you choose a retailer that allows you to pay by the pound or kilo. Likewise, this guide to finding electronic parts that are obsolete explains where you can go to find the best prices for used electronics.

2. Time Your Visit

Did you know you could save a lot of money depending on when you visit? Most thrift stores have cyclical “clear-outs”, where they rotate out old stock to make way for new items. Right before this, they will usually slash prices on all of the stock they want to get rid of to encourage sales.

This is your time to strike. If you get in at the start of the clearing sale, you can get great electronic parts, clothes, appliances, furniture, or anything else for a tiny fraction of the original price.

3. Try Before You Buy

This isn’t always an option, but you’d be surprised. In clothing thrift stores, always try on any items before you make a purchase. With electronics, ask an employee if you can plug it in or charge it to see if it works.

Remember, all sales are final at a thrift store. This is your way of ensuring you don’t waste money on a dud.

4. Stick to Your List

Whether online shopping or at a physical thrift store, always have a very clear list of the items you want or need to buy. This should include every single item and the number of each item that you want.

Do not stray from this list. Be strict with yourself and your wallet. This is the best way to avoid overstaying and overspending.

5. Patience is Key

Thrifting can be stressful, especially in a busy store or during a sale period. However, you should resist the urge to get in and get out as quickly as possible.

Take your time. Try everything on. Look further and longer for those bargains. Weigh up every potential purchase. Taking a slow approach to thrifting will always save you money compared to if you rush it.

Did You Find These Thrift Shopping Tips Helpful?

Thrifting is simply good financial practice. By following these time-honored thrift shopping tips, you can get exactly what you want, without being hit with sticker shock.

For more tips on belt-tightening and your financial health, check out our dedicated Finance pages for actionable insights you can trust.

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