A Comprehensive Ranking of the Best Companies to Intern For

best companies to intern for

Hey everyone! If you’re on the hunt for the ultimate internship experience, you’re in luck! We’ve scoured the globe, crunched the numbers, and chatted with a bunch of interns to bring you the hot list of best companies to intern for that are the places to intern.

Get ready for the inside scoop on where you’ll not only add some serious sparkle to your resume but also have an absolute blast while you’re at it!


Google stands out as one of the top companies to intern with. Interns get to work on meaningful projects that impact millions of people worldwide. You’ll learn from some of the brightest minds in tech and have access to unparalleled resources.

Plus, Google’s company culture is all about innovation and fun, ensuring your internship experience is as enjoyable as it is educational. And let’s not forget the perks – free food, on-site gyms, and even massage chairs! Google truly offers a one-of-a-kind internship experience that will leave you with valuable skills and memories to last a lifetime.


Facebook is recognized for offering one of the best internship experiences in the tech industry. Interns at Facebook work on projects that influence billions of users, providing an unmatched opportunity for real-world impact.

The environment is dynamic and fosters creativity and collaboration. With its focus on connecting people, Facebook ensures interns learn and grow, making it the best internship choice for those eager to make a difference while advancing their careers.


Apple is a dream place for interns. When you intern here, you get to work on cool gadgets like iPhones and MacBooks. People here are really smart and creative.

You learn new things every day. Apple cares a lot about making products that change the world. If you like to invent and design, Apple is perfect for you. Plus, it’s cool to see your work used by lots of people everywhere.


Amazon is a big company that sells lots of things online. When you intern at Amazon, you learn how to help people find what they need. You work with smart people who teach you a lot about technology and business.

Amazon is always coming up with new ideas to make shopping easier and faster for everyone. If you like solving problems and thinking of new ways to do things, Amazon is a great place to intern. Plus, seeing your ideas help people around the world is very cool.


Adobe is where creativity meets technology. If you intern at Adobe, you get to work on making apps that help people create beautiful things like pictures, videos, and websites. Adobe is known for programs like Photoshop and Illustrator.

It’s a place full of smart folks who are passionate about design and innovation. Interning at Adobe means you’ll learn how to bring creative ideas to life using the latest tech. Plus, seeing your work help artists and designers around the world is pretty awesome.


Deloitte is a professional services company that helps other companies with advice and solutions. If you intern here, you learn about business from some of the smartest people. They teach you how to solve problems for businesses.

Deloitte works all over the world, so you learn about different places too. It’s good for people who like numbers and thinking about big ideas. Interning at Deloitte can help you get ready for a big career in business.

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs is a big bank that helps people and companies with their money. When you intern here, you learn about finance and how the money world works. You work with smart people who know a lot about business.

Goldman Sachs does important work all over the world. If you like learning about money and how to make more of it, this place is good for you. Interns here get to see how big deals are made and learn skills that are important for a career in finance.

The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company is a magical place to intern. When you intern here, you get to help make movies and TV shows that people love. You learn about how to tell stories and make people happy.

Disney is known all over the world for its characters like Mickey Mouse and Cinderella. It’s a fun place where creativity is really important. If you like making people smile and dreaming up new ideas, Disney is a great place to learn and grow. Plus, you get to see how magic is made behind the scenes.


Unilever is a big company that makes things like soap, ice cream, and tea. When you intern here, you learn how to make and sell products that people use every day. You work with kind people who want to make the world a better place.

Unilever cares a lot about the environment and helping communities. If you’re interested in making good products and doing good things, Unilever is a nice place to intern. Plus, you might get to try new ice cream flavors before anyone else does!


Netflix is a cool place where movies and TV shows are made. If you intern here, you get to see how stories come to life. People at Netflix are creative and love to share ideas. It’s a place where you learn about making shows that people watch all over the world.

Netflix cares about making good stories for everyone. If you like movies and want to learn how they are made, Netflix is a fun place to be. Plus, it’s exciting to think that shows you help with could be watched by millions of people.

Southwestern Advantage

Southwestern Advantage offers a unique internship opportunity for students eager to gain firsthand sales and entrepreneurship experience. Through direct sales of educational resources, interns learn crucial skills in communication, self-management, and business operations.

This program is not just about making sales; it’s about personal growth, overcoming challenges, and making meaningful connections. Ideal for those who are self-motivated and seeking a dynamic, hands-on experience, Southwestern Advantage equips interns with the tools they need for success in any future career path.

Plus, the chance to earn scholarships and financial rewards adds an extra layer of incentive to excel.

Learn More About the Best Companies to Intern For

Choosing the best companies to intern for is crucial, not just for beefing up your resume, but for the learning, growth, and networking opportunities it provides. From tech giants to financial institutions and creative powerhouses, each company offers unique experiences that cater to different interests and career paths.

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